Detective Joseph Kensburg

Short, dirty blonde hair, 36, stern and practical but seems shaken by his past


Detective Kensberg got brought in on the case of the Macario family, which began as a domestic disturbance call and nearly ended with a homicide. Vittorio Macario was found in the basement of the family’s house with five stab wounds, apparently dead. Shortly after police arrival he regained consciousness and began wildly raving about the house and its being possessed by demons. The wife seemed extremely shaken but Kensberg determined the most likely source of the injuries as being self-inflicted, based on the much more unstable grasp Vittorio seemed to have on reality.

The detective’s concerns grew when he returned to the house, finding Gabriella Macario wildly raving and insisting that she was going to have to murder her own two sons. For their safety the children were sent to live with family in Baltimore, and Gabriella was sent to live with her husband in Roxbury. Kensburg now doubts his own judgement on both cases, but seems hesitant to talk about them.

Detective Joseph Kensburg

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