Merciful Things

The Chapel of Contemplation

Delving into the records, the investigators find the will of one Walter Corbitt, former owner the eponymous Corbitt House. The executor of the will, Reverend Michael Thomas, reveals a link to the Chapel of Contemplation, a local church with a dark and elusive history. Following the trail leads them to the ruins of the chapel, beneath which dark secrets await… and a book, with a cover made of suspect material.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Interview at Roxbury Sanitarium
Episode 2

The investigators, having learned that all is not well in the Corbitt House, begin to track down and interview the former occupants. Gabriella Marcario tells a story of horror and madness. The team delves into newspaper records to corroborate her story, and turns up more of the foul history of the house, and of the notorious Walter Corbitt.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

First Session
Episode 1

Our kickoff episode starts with the investigators gathering at the bidding of their mutual friend, Jackson Elias. After growing suspicious of a piece of land he had an eye to buy, Jackson hires the party— a socialite heiress, a well-connected businessman, a police detective, and a scholarly gentleman— to look into the background. They begin to learn the house’s dark history, which begins not long ago.

PART 1/5

PART 2/5

PART 3/5

PART 4/5

PART 5/5

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