Gabriella Macario

Older Italian woman, 58, rendered indefinitely insane by experiences in the Corbitt House


HP: 8/8
AC: 10


Gabriella and her husband Vitorio did not have an easy life as first-generation immigrants in New York with not a penny to their names. When Vittorio got a job at the docks AND an impossibly cheap house not far from the job, they thought it was the work of the Lord, rewarding them for their perseverance. They proudly took their two sons into their new home, full of hope.

Gabriella and Vitorio are now both kept in isolation in the Roxbury Sanitarium, just outside of Atlantic City. The details as to what exactly happened in the house are incredibly sketchy, but seem to have had a lasting impact on Gabriella’s psyche— she may never recover.

Gabriella Macario

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